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Texas-based energy supplier Ambit Energy has been serving Pennsylvania since April 2011. It has since expanded its service area to cover the grand majority of the state of PA, covering major cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Allentown for electricity, whilst covering the North-West of the state for both natural gas and electricity. Whether you are a new or existing customer of Ambit Energy you’ll find everything you need on this page to manage your decisions related to your natural gas and power.

  • Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
  • Founded: 2006
  • No. of employees: 625 (2014)
  • No. of customers: 1 million (2012)
  • Green energy available?: Yes
  • Product(s) offered: Natural gas & electricity (zip code dependent)

Are you an existing customer?

Existing customers

Ambit Energy Login

Your Ambit Energy Account is your gateway to everything related to your bills. The account does not come with a cost and is available to you as soon as you switch to Ambit Energy. If you have not logged into your account yet, you will need to sign up to an account, but don’t worry, this is easy.

Your Ambit Energy account comes with various benefits, including:

  • Pay bills
  • View your previous bills
  • Manage your paperless billing
  • Update your profile
  • View your usage history
  • Track deposits
  • Much more!

There are two login portals for your Ambit Energy account. You can either login to your full account to access the features as listed above, or you can simply pay a bill without having to log in. You can do both by clicking the appropriate link below:

What do I need to create an account?

If you haven’t logged into your account before or if you’ve just recently switched to Ambit Energy, you’ll need to register for an account. You’ll need two things in order to do this:

  • Account number (This can be found on your service enrollment confirmation or on your invoice)
  • Email address

Once you have done this, Ambit Energy will verify that you are in fact a customer and will verify your account and send you your credentials to your email address as entered. You can create a new Ambit Energy account by clicking the link below.

Create a new Ambit Energy login

Pay an Ambit Energy bill

Some of the most common search queries related to Ambit Energy on Google are “ambit energy bill pay” and “ambit energy pay bill”, so we’re here to simplify and explain the options that you have available to easily manage your account and keep up to date with your payments.

On the Ambit Energy website it states 5 different payment options, all of which, should be noted, only relate to the state of Texas. In Pennsylvania, Utilities, who are responsible for delivering the natural gas and electricity to your home, are the ones who bill you, and will continue to do so even after you switch to Ambit Energy. As such, it depends on your zip code and local utility as to which payment options you have available to you. You can see a map below of the Utilities in Pennsylvania, followed by a table of the different payment options and useful information by utility.


Pennsylvania State Electricity Utilities Map

Utility Payment options (with link)
PECO Energy
PPL Utilities Corp.
Duquesne Light
Penelec (Pennsylvania Electric Co.)
West Penn Power
Pennsylvania Power
Metropolitan Edison

Natural Gas

Utility Payment options (with link)
Columbia Gas of PA, Inc
National Fuel Gas

Ambit Energy Complaints

The starting point for a complaint regarding your energy supply should first be brought up with either Ambit Energy’s customer service department or your local utility, depending on the nature of your complaint. If you have already tried this and were not satisfied with the outcome, it’s time to bring in the big guns.

If you wish to make a formal complaint about a supplier or utility, you can do this through the Public Utility Commission (PUC), who will then process this with the Office of Consumer Advocate.

The form that you must fill in is accessible via the link below:

Fill in the form

There are two ways that you can submit this complaint:

1. Electronically

In order to submit your Ambit Energy complaint electronically, you must first create an account on the PUC’s eFiling system, which you can do via this link

(Please note that if you are appealing your Bureau of Consumer Services (BCS) decision, you must not file your complaint electronically. It must be done by mail)

2. By mail

You should mail the completed form with your original signature and any attachments, by certified, first class, or overnight mail to this address:

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
400 North Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120

If you have any questions or queries whilst filling out the above form, you can contact the Secretary’s Bureau at 717-772-7777.

Contact Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy has a number of different ways in which you can contact them, via email or via telephone, depending on the department that you are wishing to speak to. It’s also to remember the difference between energy suppliers and public utilities, as this will very much dictate the party that you need to speak to for your query.

You can see all of the different contact options that Ambit Energy have available to you by clicking the link below.

Visit contact page

If you need to speak to your public utility, then follow this link to see utilities and their contact details in Pennsylvania state.

New customers

Ambit Energy Rates & Plans

Ambit Energy is a deregulated market supplier, which means it’s a free-choice option if you wish to shop around and save on your energy bills. If you do not switch to a free-market option, then you will pay your utility’s standard rate, which is specific to your local utility.

Let’s take Philadelphia, as an example, where you would be serviced by PECO Electric for your power supply. The standard rate at time of writing (April 3, 2021) is 6.267¢.

Ambit Energy has three main plans, with the following rates:

Green Fixed Variable
Cost 8.19¢ per kWh 6.83¢ per kWh 3% discount on standard rate
Length of contract Month-to-month 12 months Month-to-month
Early termination fees $0 $0 $0

Although it may seem like the variable option is the obvious choice, you must remember that your local utility will change their rates every quarter in line with various factors, such as wholesale pricing. This may result in large price rises, which means that although you may have a 3% discount on the variable, the fixed rate, although slightly higher now, may result in savings in the long term.

The Green tariff is there for those who want to make a positive environmental contribution by adding a green energy surcharge onto their price per kWh. Although not for everyone, green tariffs have become ever more popular. You can read more about Ambit Energy’s green plan in the next section of this page.

To compare the latest pricing from Ambit Energy, please visit the link below:

Compare latest Ambit Energy plans

Ambit Energy Green Energy

Ambit Energy participates in the nation’s leading green certification program, Green-e. This certifies that the energy that you purchase through Ambit Energy is of the highest standard and meets a number of criteria, judging the cleanliness and sustainability under which it was generated. For their electricity tariffs in Pennsylvania, Ambit Energy uses wind farms to power their green energy tariffs.

According to Ambit Energy’s Green Energy product content label, the green energy rate consists of up to $0.04 per kWh for the renewable energy premium. For a typical American household, this would mean an average annual increase of $426. (Assuming annual usage of 10,649 kWh).

In addition to their green energy plans, Ambit Energy also claims to commit other resources to a positive contribution to the global climate crisis. They have recycling bins at all of their facilities, they use reusable drinks containers and tote bags, they promote an active or shared commute, and they ensure all of their equipment adheres to energy saving policies.

Switch to green energy

Ambit Energy Reviews

Due to the nature of Ambit Energy’s primary promotional method, having been frequently referred to as a ‘pyramid scheme’, it can sometimes get a bad wrap. But its customer service rating speaks for itself and certainly gives the deregulated energy market a good insight: savings; good customer service; and transparency.

Source Rating No. of reviewers
Consumer Affairs 3.9 / 5 260
Home Energy Club 4.3 / 5 “100+”
Yelp 1.5 / 5 80
Texas Electric Ratings 1.8 / 5 412
Google 2.2 / 5 62

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